In the past years, the classical unities of architectural experience in the urban space have shifted. Architects and urban designers now work from within the condition of linking the architecture of software, teams, markets and communities. “A city is “soft” to the extent that it can be characterised as a meta-network of data flows and personal communication, operating to some extent independently on the “hard” infrastructure of buildings and roads”. -Thus, new tools are required for measuring this data in the smart future city.

The URB CLV is a research platform constantly inspired by the city. We believe that the process of urban design planning is evolving requiring new tactics of planning and the assistance of new technologies. We propose projects which link the citizen as an urban activist, develop sensibility of mapping the symbolic and social soft world of architecture, create powerful graphical work and design concepts. We offer the services of tailored design in architectural planning, urban design and spatial design works.

Founded by Aleksandra Shekutkovska. 

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