That's a wrap! / by Aleksandra Shekutkovska


Istanbul: Memories of a city Orhan Pamuk
"We live in age defined by mass migration and creative immigrants and so I am sometime hard-pressed to explain why I've stayed not only in the same place, but in the same building... At least once in a lifetime, self-reflection leads us to examine the circumstances of our birth. Why were we born in this particular corner of the world, on this particular date? These families into which we were born, these countries and cities to which the lottery of life has assigned us - they expect love from us, and in the end, we do love them, from the bottom of our hearts - but did we perhaps deserve better? I sometimes think myself unlucky to have been born in an ageing and impoverished city buried under the ashes of a ruined empire. But a voice inside me always insists this was really a piece of luck."

Well, back to the drawing board to catch up with next projects..