Trippin highways at Reporting from the front / by Aleksandra Shekutkovska


Recently we had a wonderful opportunity to conduct our research trip at Venice Biennale 2016 Reporting from the front. While we are still trying to gather our impressions into texts to share with our audience about the notions of the development of cities and future urbanisation, new tasks for our jewelry collection are on the way in our studio. Indeed, a perfect travelling companion in Venice was our very own statement necklace Trippin highways.

Trippin highways necklace comes from the inspiration of Bangkok as a city. This wonderful Blade Runner metropolis is captured in a jewelry object portraying it's playful roads and intersections. The background is emphasised with the combination of high quality Thai silk. 

This statement design piece is a fashion accessory communicating in a powerful visual language ready to accompany you to your favourite events and meetings,exhibition openings, sophisticated dinners, while having a drink in your favorite cafe or planning your outfit for a new city to travel to..

Wishing you a nice working weekend !