Dada miniature by Aleksandra Shekutkovska

Once again this year I have combined my lecture on Cluster and Co-housing spaces with an assignment incorporating the miniature-poetic picture and the dada chance operations. Quick thinking response assignments have formed the basis for the postcards which serve as a cut-up technique to begin the spatial poetry. After the lecture, once there was enough saturation on thoughts, discussions, confusion and initial hunch on shared space in different contexts and formats, the students were asked to get acquainted with the postcard miniature.

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Tel Aviv beginnings photo collage by Aleksandra Shekutkovska


The Aliyah Street, 1920's 


Beginnings Of Tel-Aviv, 1909 
Allocating plots to the residents on the sand dunes of Tel-Aviv

Sand Dunes On Which Tel-Aviv Was Built, 1909 
The sand dunes on which Tel-Aviv was built. These photographs
vividly depict the appearance of the locality before
the first houses were built

Sand Dunes On Which Tel-Aviv Was Built, 1909 

Levelling The Sand-Dunes, 1909 
Levelling the sand dunes with the aid of horses

Rothschild Boulevard, 1911 

Opening Of Allenby Street, 1918 
The opening of Allenby Street on November 21, 1918

Area Through Which Ben-Yehuda, Frishman And Mendele St Now Pass, 1909 
Former appearance of the area through which Ben-Yehudah,
Frischman and Mendele streets now pass.